A design sprint is a 4 day method used to solve complex problems throughout co-creation, rapid prototyping, and qualitative testing with targeted users.

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One of us will facilitate and help you to apply Design Sprint and allow you to re-apply the knowledge you have gained to your next projects.

Sprint services

Design Sprints for Product and Service Design

Design sprints can be used to determine the key features of your product with the end result being a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) that you can present to your end users for testing and validation.

Design Sprints for UX

Design Sprints can be used to determine the key functionality and user experience approach to navigation and layout that your digital product requires. Sprints can also produce interactive prototypes that will be testable by your target users.

Design Sprints for Marketing

Design sprints can be used for marketing and communication. These sprints can help to develop strategic marketing plans, validate value propositions and branding, plan online and offline content including ad campaigns, ...

Design Sprints for Strategy

Herefore we used the Design Sprint format as a basis to create this strategic future vision with elements from other methodologies and combined it with the hands one Design Sprint approach, to bring the best of both worlds together.

Design Sprint 2.0

Day 0 — Problem Framing

This is a preliminary step that we have created to ensure effective outcomes from a Design Sprint. We designed this as a response to being in Sprints where we realised our clients did not know what the problem was, or if it even existed. Or alternatively, the problems we were tackling were too broad to allow a practical solution or too narrow to be worth the investment.

Day 1 — Understand

On Monday, the Sprint Team (which most of the time is different than the one in the Framing) takes the time to understand the problem, context and all available information and insights. We structured the morning discussions leading to the Sprint Goal into an activity called Lightning Talks, where the team shares their points of view on the problem at hand and reviews the Design Sprint Brief. However, by far, one of the most important additions we have made was building empathy with the user and embedding pre-sprint research insights during the mapping session.

Day 2 — Sketch and Decide

In the original process, half of Tuesday is reserved for Lightning Demos. By assigning Lightning Demos research as homework on Monday we can jump straight to the presentations, thus, cutting the required time from 3 hours to 30–45 minutes. We will use the rest of the morning, for the Solution Sketch. Besides time savings, another (quite significant) gain is that people get to sketch with a fresh mind (it’s still morning) and because they just got inspired after the demos the solutions tend to be more creative. After lunch, we review the solutions and decide which we prototype. The rest of Tuesday afternoon, a solid 1.5 hours, will be dedicated to storyboarding.

Day 3 — Prototype

The complete storyboard is assigned to the design team, simultaneously assigning roles and planning prototype work (1 hour maximum). We encourage everyone in the group to take on a role on their own and to get to work. In addition to team bonding, the team will develop a shared sense of ownership that will help convey the results (as opposed to the prototype the designer or agency made).

Day 4 — Test

Moment of truth. Thursday is about user testing, asking the most effective questions. Make sure that after each interview, the team takes the time to review and make sense of the feedback, and then at the end of the day plans next steps.


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